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Celebrating Movember with Magnificent Mustaches

Must-Stache.com is your place to showcase your Movember (and beyond) lip sweater before your wife, girlfriend, fiancée, dog, favorite coffee mug, or any other mustache maligner forces you to shave it off December 1st. Add a photo of your stately flavor saver and share it with your friends and the rest of the mustache-loving world to marvel at, comment on, and “like.”

We all know too well what it’s like to labor over growing a mustache for weeks, only to have it hacked off like a common thief’s hand. Each November, you endure the initial days of ‘70s porn star jokes and the uneasy stares of parents in church as your stubble begins to sprout. Then, after your molest-stache has finally developed into the majestic Tom Selleck-like wonder you always knew it could be, you find your upper lip shamed by haters who once told you they loved you.

Don’t let a good thing go to waste. Document your facial hair supremacy for all the world to behold! And while you’re at it, click the link below to make your donation to the Prostate Cancer Research Institute. After all, if you don’t donate, what’s the point of Movember? Oh right. Mustaches are awesome.

This website is not just for Movember ‘staches, either. Whether you’ve grown and groomed your face bush for Movember, a lost bet, or to piss off your girlfriend—mustaches are worth remembering. So, submit a picture of your current lady tickler now, before someone threatens to withhold sex until it’s gone. That shit’s for real.

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